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Life is eternal and love is immortal; And death is only a horizon, And a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight. Rossiter W. Raymond

This web site is created in loving memory of our son Cameron Shane Gray. Our little miracle arrived on March 07,2006 and was given his wings on July 29,2006. Cameron was laid to rest on July 31,2006 at Brookside Memorial Gardens. Though he was only with us four months and twenty-two days he will continue on in our hearts forever. In his short life Cameron touched so many others, his beautiful spirit united a community. Cameron loved life,  because of  his alobar holoprosencephaly he had multiple seizures and apnea daily, but he always had a smile for those around him. Every day I would sit with him and he would nap with a handfull of my hair and his head tucked under my chin. I never knew how much I could love until I looked into his clear blue eyes. Cameron's favorite time of day was bath time and he would have gladly spent most of every day in the tub. Cameron had the most amazing smile, it could light up a room. He spent every minute of his life being held by those who loved him, no matter how soundly he was sleeping if he was layed in his crib his eyes would pop open. Cameron loved music, his favorite song was "I'll Fly Away." Every time it was sung to him he got a huge smile on his face and then would drift peacefully to sleep. We were told Cameron would not survive to birth, but he proved the doctors wrong and we had four and a half beautiful months with him. Cameron passed away in my arms with his Daddy holding his hand, also there was his Omi, Granddaddy, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Jeff, Uncle Michael, Aunt Jean, and Aunt Stephanie. Cameron will forever be in our hearts and in every gentle breeze I know he is sending his love to us and letting us know that he is happy in Heaven and waiting patiently for us to join him.


Is That You?


Is that you dancing on a cloud?

I thought I saw you there.

The glimmer of your angel wings,

Floating in the air.

Is that your sweet voice on the breeze?

Singing just for me.

It fills my heart with joy and hope,

And I listen gratefully.

Is that your spirit I feel?

Brushing against my skin.

How you used to love and tickle me,

Sneaking up with that sly grin.

Are those your kisses that I taste?

Still so soft and sweet.

I remember kissing every toe,

Upon your tiny feet.

Is that your scent that fills the air?

It jogs my memory.

Even though we're apart,

I feel you're with me.

I know you're now an Angel,

And though you're far from home,

You still delight my senses,

And make your presence known.

Death cannot divide us,

Even though we're not together,

Your memory lives on in my heart,

From now until forever.




 God sent to me an  Angel,

he had a broken wing.

I bent my head and wondered,

"How could God do such a thing?"

When I asked the Father why

He sent this child to me,

The answer was forthcoming.

He said "Listen and you will see."

"My children are all precious,

and none is like the rest.

Each one to me is special,

and the least is as the best.

I send each one from Heaven and

I place it in the care of those who know my

mercy, those with love to spare,

Sometimes I take them back again.

Sometimes I let them stay.

No matter what may happen

I am never far away.

So if you find an angel and you

don't know what to do, remember,

I am with you, Love is all I ask of you."

-Paul Dammann


                         (The first poem, I read on The Families for HoPe web site, I would like to thank this organization for all that they do to help educate and support families of children with HPE.)

(The second poem was sent to me by my friend Megan Trigg. Megan's little Angel Matthew also had HPE and he recieved his wings on July 2,2006. Our boys had so much in common, and though they never met in life, we know that they are together in Heaven. Please visit Matthew's site- . Like Cameron, Matthew touched more lives in four months than most people do in a lifetime. Our lives are so much better for having been a part of their amazing lives.)

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